XenoTemplates 1.2 now available

October 26, 2015

XenoTemplates enables fast creation of new script files based upon fully customizable templates. Version 1.2 fixes a bug with file creation in OSX, as well as tidying up some of the default templates.

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These are the principles that guide us. They are goals, not rules, but they inform every decision we make.


The act of play is and should be creative. The product of gameplay choices can be a nuanced expression of a player's philosophies, aesthetics, and imagination. From choices of what or how to build to combat tactics, strive to offer multiple methods to address any meaningful choice.


Play is messy, connected, and not entirely predictable. The sum of gameplay choices over time, AI behaviors, and judicious randomization can lead to the creation of unexpected outcomes, patterns, and systems. Strive to create simple systems capable of interacting with each other.

Meaningful Consequences

Neither always winning nor always losing is fun, at least not for long. Failures which do not lead to an unrecoverable situation increase the emotional impact and value of future successes. Value a storied legacy over a golden path. Strive to create situations and systems which allow for interesting, entertaining, and memorable successes and failures.


Play is most impactful when players are connected to game intellectually and emotionally. Strive to tailor the play experience to each player and to allow them to make the game their own.


The best games don't get in the way of play. Strive to create accessible, comprehensible interfaces and systems.


Play is best when shared and the value of play accomplishments is increased when they are witnessed or memorialized. Strive to enable and assist with players sharing the details, outcomes, and experiences of their play.


Xenobrain Games is a small, independent game studio in Seattle, Wa. Founded in 2015 by Habib Loew, it exists to explore the small, the niche, the subversive, and the weird.


For help with XenoTemplates, this site, or anything else we make please contact us at support@xenobrain.com

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