XenoTemplates now available!

July 1, 2015 by Habib

I’m excited to announce that XenoTemplates, a templated file creation tool for the Unity 3D editor, is now available on the Unity Asset Store!

XenoTemplates: Never write boilerplate code again!

When I use Unity I inevitably end up making a lot of new code/script files. Some of them are simple Monobehaviours, but many others are ScriptableObjects, bare C# classes, interfaces, etc. As a programmer I have little patience for mindless repetition, so I quickly got tired of constantly deleting the basic Monobehaviour boilerplate code and replacing it with whatever I needed at the moment. That lead me to write the first version of XenoTemplates. Once multiple static templates were implemented adding dynamic data was an obvious next step. Each of my files includes a standard header which notes the creation date, the creator of the file, and includes a dated copyright line. As soon as I was no longer having to re-type all of that every time it became obvious that I shouldn’t re-type any of that ever, so I added a substitution system to ensure that the dates and author attributions were always correct. Now, when I need a new script file I can create one in a just a couple of clicks that doesn’t require me to edit any boilerplate at all so I can jump straight into writing the code that matters.

If you work with code or script files in Unity 3D please check out XenoTemplates. Everything is customizable to your specific needs and I think you’ll find that the time and distraction it saves you in the long run is well worth the price. Why spend any more time writing boilerplate code when XenoTemplates can do it for you?

On a more personal note, I’m thrilled to be releasing XenoTemplates in part because it’s the very first thing to be sold by Xenobrain Games and that’s a wonderful milestone to hit. It’s also a tool that I use almost every day in my work with Unity 3D and I truly hope you find it as useful as I have!

Check out the XenoTemplates product page or view it directly on the Unity Asset Store.