XenoTemplates: Never write boilerplate code again!

XenoTemplates enables fast creation of new script files based upon fully customizable templates.

Tired of repeating the same edits over and over each time you create a new script file? Spend a few moments setting up your XenoTemplates and never write boilerplate code again! Easily include creation dates, copyright notices, version numbers, developer names… if you can get access to it via environment variables or code XenoTemplates can insert it into your newly created files.


  • Fully customizable templates
  • Environment variable substitution
  • Fully customizable substitution logic
  • Multi-part templates for creating groups of related files
  • In-editor template creation (including drag & drop)
  • Configurable end of line normalization
  • Full source code
  • Unity 5 ready

XenoTemplates Manual | Introduction Video

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